Medical Meditation: 30-Day Meditation Challenge, Week 1

Meditation as Medicine

After reading the book Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa, I decided to embark on a 30-day personal challenge. You can check out the rules I’ve established for this project in this recent post. The post also has an associated Slideshare slideshow. You can also check it out here. You may not think something […]

Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda on YouTube

Last week, I started a YouTube channel for Jobs in Ayurveda. I decided that the first video should be an introduction of Ayurveda. Many people around the world have no idea what Ayurveda is. I think it’s a good job for anyone planning on working in Ayurveda, alternative medicine or any related field to help […]


4,000 New Jobs for Ayurveda Doctors Created in India Overnight

This week, I learned about the creation of about 4,000 jobs for Ayurvedic doctors in Karnataka, India. The article on the Daily News and Analysis website stated that a measure was ratified by the Karnataka state government that would introduce compulsory service for MBBS graduates starting July 30. This measure paved the way for 3,000 […]


Ayurveda is Meditation: 30-Day Meditation Challenge

I learned pretty early on that Ayurvedic medicine promotes health throughout the whole body, even the mind. Most people working in Ayurveda and aspiring Ayurvedic professionals are extremely skilled in curing illness and cultivating wellness in the body. However, most of the people that I know with jobs in Ayurveda seem to take meditation for […]

3 Essential Elements to a Successful Job Search

Free eBook: 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Job Search

Last week, I got one of my articles (Job Hunting with Confidence) published on WorkAwesome—a website dedicated to providing tips to increase workplace productivity. I was flooded by tons of comments on my personal Facebook account from my friends that read the article and felt inspired. I was also inspired by this outpouring of kudos […]

Is Cosmetics a New Avenue for Ayurveda Job-Seekers?

Ayurveda meets high fashion cosmetics

I have been watching as Ayurvedic knowledge has slowly seeps into mainstream Western society. A recent article in the New York Times written by Shivani Vora explains a little about how Western cosmetics manufacturers are increasingly borrowing Ayurvedic medicines and treatments to use in their own products. (Double-click on the picture below to read the […]

Take it Step by Step: 3 Tips for a Sequential Ayurveda Job Search Approach

Preparation, perserverance, and concentration got me to the top of the mountain

With each breath, I wanted to stop walking more and more. My mind was getting the best of me. Step after step. My lungs gasped. My heart never stopped racing, even when I took frequent breaths. I was suffering from altitude sickness. It made each minute of my Wheeler Peak summit attempt harder than it […]

Ayurveda Diet Tips: Pitta Body Type

Cool climates are best for Pitta people

This is part of an ongoing series that outlines the dietary tips used by Ayurvedic professionals to help prevent disease. Have you ever met someone that seems to always be hot? It doesn’t matter if they’re overweight or if it’s freezing outside. Some people just tend to sweat and overheat easily. They’re usually the ones […]

New newsletter and free yoga eBook

Free eBook with newsletter subscription

Readership on Jobs in Ayurveda is expanding at a rapid rate. Currently, hundreds of people around the world are reading this website in order to learn more about how they can land an Ayurveda job or expand their alternative medicine business. There are other websites that you can use to find the most up to-date […]

Emphasize your Core Competencies

Use your Core Competencies to stand out

In business and in life, we all have to use our natural talents and skills in order to succeed. Each of us has different attributes that allow us to do certain activities easier or better than others. Making the most of these attributes is essential for anyone interested in working in Ayurveda or any other […]

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